With healthcare becoming more and more process driven rather than relationship driven, local pharmacies are more important than ever. How are local pharmacies different from big box pharmacies?

Frequency of interactions

Local pharmacists see a single patient far more frequently than any doctor. The pharmacist gets medication orders from multiple doctors for a single patient as well. Because of this, a local pharmacist who builds a relationship with a patient is very important in that patient’s healthcare journey. Patients often notice that a local pharmacist can take more time with patients, ask questions, and talk through health conditions as well as medications interactions.

If you frequent a big box pharmacy, your experience might be quite different. With the volume of patients those pharmacists support, everything is about speed. Interactions are short and limited. And with the volume of patients that come through the store, the pharmacist might not even recognize a patient that comes in weekly. Local pharmacies operate quite differently and are focused on providing personalized healthcare while building relationships.

Health Education 

Pharmacists play a major role in health education for a community. They educate patients about drug usage, side effects, and watch out for improper drug interactions. Many local pharmacists are involved in community education programs because they are an active and involved part of the community. This can be done through a wide variety of means including vaccination campaigns, health fairs, supporting local health campaigns, partnering with schools and local community groups, and much more.

More than a Pharmacy

Local pharmacies are much more than a drug dispenser. The people that work in these businesses care about the community and want to help their patients improve and maintain their health. Two of the local pharmacies in Morristown, TN have taken this care to a higher level of love and compassion for their patients. Howard’s Pharmacy and College Park each has a Community Health Worker on staff. These women are certified pharmacy technicians (CPhT) who have earned an additional certification to better support the Lakeway community. They can help a patient find community or social resources to meet their needs and overcome personal struggles.

Local pharmacies are important to your community. If you aren’t currently using a local pharmacy, try one out. You’ll see that many times you can get your prescriptions filled faster than a big box store. And you won’t feel like just another number.

College Park Pharmacy, Howard’s Pharmacy, Mooney’s Pharmacy, and P&S Pharmacy are small businesses here in East Tennessee who pride themselves in customer service. We want to gain your trust and build a relationship with you. We strive to put patients first and help you improve your health. Please come by and see us.