Morristown Tennessee’s local pharmacies are excited to provide a new service for the Lakeway area community. College Park Pharmacy and Howard’s Pharmacy now have a Community Health Worker (CHW) at each location who will be available throughout the week to assist members of the community find the help they need.
Regina Campbell, College Park Pharmacy & Angela Rosenbalm, Howard’s Pharmacy - Morristown, TN
Community Health Worker Regina Campbell, College Park Pharmacy & Angela Rosenbalm, Howard’s Pharmacy - Morristown, Tennessee

Community Health Workers come to Morristown, Tennessee

At College Park Pharmacy, you can meet with certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) Regina Campbell. She has seven plus years of experience working as a CPhT and has a heart for serving the community. Angela Rosenbalm, CPhT at Howard’s Pharmacy, is a familiar face that has been part of the team for 24 years. She knows the patients well and sees a need for this program. “I’ve wished there was a program, not just for people who need help, but for those who need help getting help.” says Rosenbalm, “Someone to hold your hand and show you everything available while offering the technology and expertise to assist the community. This is that program.”

As Community Health Workers, these women will serve as liaisons between health/social services and the Morristown Tennessee community.

To gain a CHW certification, both Regina and Angela completed a comprehensive training course over the span of 16 weeks. They spent hundreds of hours compiling a growing list of 45+ contacts with Lakeway area organizations. “They are in a unique position, acting as the hub in a giant wheel. We are excited to provide some of the first Community Health Workers to the Hamblen County area,” says Pharmacist and Co-Owner Jacob Cox. “CHWs will help bridge the gap between those who need help and healthcare/social services.”

Community Health Workers serve people with a wide range of issues.

Whether someone is struggling to get to their doctors appointments, needing food and security, without proper clothing, suffering from depression, or has other needs that can be met by a community or social service, the team is available to help them. Regina says, “Many patients feel more comfortable talking to us about their personal struggles. I am glad we now have the resources at hand to actually help them.” The team also accepts referrals from friends, medical professionals who work with the person, teachers that see a need, or others who see an opportunity to improve someone’s quality of life.

“We engaged in this program to reduce social determinants of health,” said Pharmacist and Co-Owner Chad Huntsman. “Statistics show that people with greater needs have worse health outcomes. We are hoping that by providing this service, it will help some of the people struggling in our community find the resources they need and in turn have a positive impact on their overall health. Angie and Regina are serving in this capacity because they care and truly love the Morristown community and have giving hearts.”

If you or someone you know in Morristown, Tennessee is needing help and doesn’t know where to start to find the right community or social resources, please reach out to the new Community Health Workers. These women specialize in the resources available to the Morristown community. Set up time to talk with Regina Campbell at College Park Pharmacy or Angela Rosenbalm at Howard’s Pharmacy. Call to make an appointment to meet with them!